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Pumpkin the Raccoon Thinks She’s a Dog

She’s not your average picking-through-the-trash raccoon.  No, you can’t tell Pumpkin anything, and you certainly can’t tell her she’s not a dog. Late last year, a very unusual bundle fell out of a tree in Rosie Kemp’s backyard: a month-old raccoon. She was very weak, and had broken her back leg. Kemp waited, but when […]

Guinness World Record: This Dog Can Catch! (Video)

There’s  new round of 2016 Guinness World Record holders, and animals are once again pawing their way to the top. There’s a sprinting tortoise, a coordinated canine, and a set of barnyard dynamos just to name a few.  Major skills and a few bizzaro records too.  Namely, a steer with gigantor horns and a rabbit who’s often mistaken […]

Video: We Don’t Pay Our Crew Enough

I guess Matt Underwood, our director/photographer worked up an appetite shooting our promo, so he ate food from LaRue’s dog bowl. Hey, don’t judge! It was grilled salmon. I think he got it in his nose.

Video: Kelly in Paris

After my very Parisian lunch, I visited a charming and very lively Toiletteur Pour Chien.  No need to google translate, it’s dog groomer in french.  Caroline Coutret owns the very popular Au Paradise Canine on a cute little street in the 5th arrondissement in Paris.  She’s a champion groomer, who started as a student there […]