Donkey Who Doesn’t Think He’s a Donkey

I know, I know this picture may seem unbelievable to many of you.  The concept to me took a while to grasp.  A donkey who actually lives with a family?  It is true.  I know that I will have many, many cool and unique experiences as my crew and I explore the country and world discovering how pets live.  The word “pet” is starkly different for people around the world.

To discover there’s a donkey who lives on an alpaca farm with a menagerie of animals doesn’t sound out of the ordinary.  However to discover this donkey, named Joplin, roams free inside the home as his little hooves make that clippity clop sound that echoes throughout their beautiful home–well that’s a different story!  Going into the story I had one thought, and leaving their farm I had quite a different opinion.

Be sure to check out “How My Pet Lives,”  Episode 2 next Tuesday, November 17th!

Joplin the donkey with the family cat and dog.

Joplin, the house donkey, with the family cat and dog.