Tuna the Instagram dog star is still melting hearts


It’s a canine rags to riches, really.  Homeless dog found on the side of the road. Foster parent and dog fall in love and they live happily ever after.  But…not so fast.

The dog is named Tuna, and his pet parent Courtney Dasher saw something in this Chihuahua/ Dachshund that many likely would’ve likely walked passed in a shelter.  Guess Tuna gets the last laugh because not only is the little guy an internet star, (1.9 million followers) internet meme, author, and world traveler but he also spreads a very important message.

We chatted with them to see..How This Pet Lives!




French Police Dog Killed in Raid Hailed as Hero

@Police Nationale/Facebook

@Police Nationale/Facebook

“It was death for France”, “We respect your courage”, “RIP, brave police dog” – messages of sadness filled Twitter after French police said one of their bravest combat dogs, Diesel, was killed by extremists during anti-terrorist operation in Saint-Denis.

Diesel, a seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd police dog from RAID, has been killed by the terrorists during the ongoing operation,” said a statement by the French national Police, which really broke the hearts of thousands of social media users.

According to French media, the elite forces dog was killed at the very beginning of the operation, which later led to arrests and the deaths of terror suspects.


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(Video) Dogs Can Actually Share (even if it’s ice cream)

So, who doesn’t love ice-cream?!  Yep, dogs do too.  Lori sent us this video of her two German Shepherds, fresh from a hike, with an ice cream cone as their treat.  Lori Kelling says, “They are good sharers.” We agree! Sarge is the big dog, and Shadow is the pup.  Send us your funny pet videos or pics, but you’ve gotta make us laugh until our stomachs seriously hurt.

Donkey Who Doesn’t Think He’s a Donkey

I know, I know this picture may seem unbelievable to many of you.  The concept to me took a while to grasp.  A donkey who actually lives with a family?  It is true.  I know that I will have many, many cool and unique experiences as my crew and I explore the country and world discovering how pets live.  The word “pet” is starkly different for people around the world.

To discover there’s a donkey who lives on an alpaca farm with a menagerie of animals doesn’t sound out of the ordinary.  However to discover this donkey, named Joplin, roams free inside the home as his little hooves make that clippity clop sound that echoes throughout their beautiful home–well that’s a different story!  Going into the story I had one thought, and leaving their farm I had quite a different opinion.

Be sure to check out “How My Pet Lives,”  Episode 2 next Tuesday, November 17th!

Joplin the donkey with the family cat and dog.

Joplin, the house donkey, with the family cat and dog.