Guinness World Record: This Dog Can Catch! (Video)

There’s  new round of 2016 Guinness World Record holders, and animals are once again pawing their way to the top.

There’s a sprinting tortoise, a coordinated canine, and a set of barnyard dynamos just to name a few.  Major skills and a few bizzaro records too.  Namely, a steer with gigantor horns and a rabbit who’s often mistaken for a dog because of it’s insanely long  fur.

How Your Pet Lives really love the canine who can catch 14 balls in one minute with it’s paws.  Take that overpaid MLB players!

9-year-old Purin and her owner Makoto Kumagai are from  Japan and she put herself in the record books on  March 22, 2015. Purin, who has broken her own previous record of 11 to make it into this years’ book, is a multi-talented pooch. The beagle from Tokyo can also skateboard, walk on two legs, rope skipping and has many other impressive skills. Makoto has owned Purin since she was born. “Purin is calm, happy and always eager to play,” says Makato. “She’s scared when around larger dogs, but since she lives with a cat, is more comfortable with animals her own size.”

Go on with your bad self, Purin! Now play ball!