Tuna the Instagram dog star is still melting hearts


It’s a canine rags to riches, really.  Homeless dog found on the side of the road. Foster parent and dog fall in love and they live happily ever after.  But…not so fast.

The dog is named Tuna, and his pet parent Courtney Dasher saw something in this Chihuahua/ Dachshund that many likely would’ve likely walked passed in a shelter.  Guess Tuna gets the last laugh because not only is the little guy an internet star, (1.9 million followers) internet meme, author, and world traveler but he also spreads a very important message.

We chatted with them to see..How This Pet Lives!




Adorable (New) Commercial: Pet Adoption

It gets us every time!  Hot guy and a cute dog who needs a home.  Add in a tear jerker storyline, and you have an adorable new commercial from realty giant Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

The cuteness does serve an important purpose about pet adoption.  The company just started a three year campaign called “Homes for the Dogs Project,” and they’ve partnered with  We’re told the successful partnership has found homes for more than 20,000 dogs!

Oh, and the adorable dog actor, Scout, you’ll see in the ad was homeless once!  So go out and adopt a dog or cat and grab me a Kleenex.